Health News

Public health officials launch electronic safety reporting program

Two public health agencies are teaming up to make it easier to report safety concerns over food and some drugs online.

Health Reform Will Help the Young - Sooner and Later

Health reform provisions are being called "a graduation gift to young adults."

New international health estimates reduce global death rates

Accelerating declines in infant mortality reduce international health death estimates by nearly 1 million a year

Can digital photography enhance health care delivery?

Innovative health care technology keeps an eye on diabetes-related vision loss

Youth In Revolt (of the Health Care System) - Health Care Consumerism Part 3

Will young people force the patient-as-consumer paradigm? Part 3 in a series on health care consumerism.

Public health’s questionable endorsement of video games

American Heart Association’s Nintendo blessing is a public health first. Do video games strengthen more than thumbs?

Who gets to decide on end-of-life health care?

Whose opinion weighs more – families’ or health care providers’ – when it comes to end-of-life medical decisions?

The schism between health care and informed consent

Doctors turn to web databases to ensure patients making health care decisions are truly informed before they consent.

International health officials reassess global public health goals

Thirty years after the eradication of smallpox, international health officials say much remains to be done.

New international health study measures global mortality

Estimating how we die is an international health challenge involving equal parts politics and math


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