Health News

FDA could put legal limits on salt consumption

The move would not only be aimed at improving health, but could save billions in health care costs.

Global health ethics & infectious disease: Kill it or contain it?

Eradicate disease at great cost, or take more economical steps? Global health experts disagree.

Global Health & Innovation 2010: m-health

M-health featured prominently in this gathering of global health innovators hosted by Yale University.

Got (Raw) Milk?

The debate over the health effects of unpasteurized milk simmers on.

Insurance companies invest in unhealthy eating

A Harvard study finds insurers invest almost $2 billion in fast-food company stocks.

Study sees link between teen girls' drinking, breast cancer

Girls who drank frequently showed higher risk for breast disease, and breast cancer later in life.

Electronic health records: health-policy dreams versus reality

Is patient empowerment the key element for electronic health records?

Mental health and smoking are strongly linked

Public health researchers confirm a strong link between depression and smoking

Health Reform requires disclosure of “gifts”

Drug industry payments and gifts to doctors soon must be reported on a searchable Web database, thanks to health reform

The business of health care: financial ownership increases surgeries

Doctors with financial stake in their health care practice operate twice as often


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