Q&A with Ory Zik, CEO, Energy Points

From heating buildings to consuming water to keeping supply chains running, businesses are extremely resource intensive. But with so many different metrics to measure the various resources, making decisions to benefit both the environment and the bottom line ends up being well-intentioned guesswork. Physicist and entrepreneur Dr.

Canadian consumption remains high: environmental scorecard

Canada’s environmental performance has received low marks in comparison to 17 developed countries in a recent report.

World's Largest Gaming Company Recognized for Sustainability on Lake Tahoe

Caesars Entertainment Corporation, the world's largest gaming company with $8.83 billion in revenue in 2011, has been recognized for commendable environmental sustainability practices.

New Electric Vehicle Delivers Stunning 122 MPGe

Fiat announced this week that its new 2013 500e electric vehicle can go the equivalent 122 miles on a single gallon of gas, a figure that is unsurpassed by any vehicle on the U.S. market. The Italian carmaker's high tech automobile can also travel 87 miles before needing to recharge.

LG Electronics USA Signs Broad Environmental Agreement with U.S. EPA

Wayne Park of LG Electronics USA and Andrew Bellina of the U.S. EPA sign an MOU for broad environmental collaboration

2012: My Year of Learning, Talking and Writing About Sustainability

What I learned, who I talked to and why we need to rethink the idea of a "quantum leap" to get to a sustainable future

Reports Focuses on Private/Public Partnerships To Advance Sustainability

Collaboration is the best way to promote sustainability, new survey points out.

Stock Exchanges Emerge as New Drivers of Global Sustainability Agenda

NASDAQ becomes the first North American Exchange to join the United Nations Global Compact

Sustainable Entrepreneurs Share Their Secrets in New e-Book by OneLeap

OneLeap has published an e-book feature advice from the top brains in the sustainability arena.

State Departments of Transportation Going Green, Says New Report

State departments of transportation across the country are successfully implementing a range of sustainable practices and programs, according to a new report by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials' (AASHTO) Center for Environmental Excellence.


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