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Sustainable Travel a la Michael Franti: Stay Human Retreat Center

Rock-star yogi Michael Franti and Carla Swanson have created a new sustainable travel locale: the Stay Human Retreat Center in Ubud, Bali. The tropical retreat will be open to visitors (looking to relax), as well groups who want to practice yoga or meditation.

L.A. Marathon: Responsible Vacation Options for the Non- Runner

The L.A. Marathon is a suitable responsible vacation option for the novice, expert, and non- runner.

Mount Everest, an Eco Friendly Destination (with 3G)?

High mountain peaks are typically eco friendly destination stops: no people, no trash, no noise. Just a spectacular view of open space, a lot of quiet, and a sense that nature is ever-present and alive. However, as of last week, there's something else ever-present at the top of Mount Everest: 3G.

Sustainable Travel Could Stop Albania from Crumbling

Vuno is sliding and crumbling, but with more sustainable travel, this countryside could truly flourish.

Happy Holidays: Green Hotels Offering Responsible Vacation Packages

Responsible Vacation plans are trendy this year, and hotels have taken note. Hard Rock has declared that "green is the new white this holiday season".

L.A. Marathon- A Surprising Responsible Vacation Option

The L.A. Marathon is a responsible vacation option for those wanting 26.2 miles of conservation awareness.

UK Adds Air Tax to Achieve Green Travel Goals

According to the UK government, the green travel agenda inspired the rise in Air Passenger Duty (APD).  The air tax was put into effect on November 1st, much to the dismay of many passengers, airlines and travel companies.

Responsible Vacation Feature: Tourism Means Hope for Haiti

A responsible vacation in Haiti doesn't necessarily mean volunteering. Just going to Haiti, relaxing on the beach, and spending your money would qualify as a responsible vacation. Haiti needs tourism, because Haiti needs money.

Taxis- The New Form of Sustainable Travel

Electric taxis could be a common form of transportation for the sustainable traveler in months to come.

Sustainable Travel Ideas in Hyde Park

Sustainable travel to Hyde Park is the perfect fall activity, and can unveil more than meets the postcard’s eye.


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