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Are Solar Sails the Future of Sea Travel?

Eco Marine Power, a Japanese green energy company  is in the midst of developing the Aquarius Solar and Wind Marine Power System for ships and sea vessels.

This game-changing technology utilizes solar-powered sails which combine the use of wind, solar, and traditional fuels to keep the vessels moving.

Dream Job Alert: Eco-Luxury Boutique Resort Seeks Intern

The Resort at Isla Palenque, an eco-luxury Panamanian development slated to open in 2012 is seeking young lovers of travel to compete in their Island Intern Contest for the chance to serve as the first intern on the island.

New Adventure Travel Website Capitalizes on "Conservation Travel" Trend

SEEtheWILD promotes a tiger spotting tour in India

If your travel bucket list seems to be brimming over with claws, fins, feathers, and fur, a new website promoting "conservation travel" may be a worthwhile resource to consider.

Sustainable Travel- Oakland Style

Oakland, California’s Urban Village is a great choice for sustainable travel that supports urban improvement.

Using Sustainable Travel to Combat Obesity

Sustainable travel to a farmer’s market can be just as good for your children as it is for the environment.

More Farmers’ Markets for More Sustainable Travel

Farmers’ Markets reserved as a warm- weather sustainable travel option are soon to become available year- round.

Use Sustainable Travel to Support Sustainable Gestures

Sustainable travelers can help to encourage more states to make bans like the state of Oregon.

Sustainable Travel Trends for 2011

Sustainable travel has taken off over the past decade. Luxury farm spas, staycations, glamping…. What's going to grow this year?

Sustainable Travel to New Wine Country: Vermont

Vermont has world-class vineyards, so consider sustainable travel to this region for an east coast wine experience. Brings Sustainable Travel to Your PC shows that sustainable travel can be experienced from your lap top screen.


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