Top 5 Environmental Findings From Data Center Audits

Aug 27, 2021 9:00 AM ET

Data Center solutions have never been more critical to business success than they are today. As companies focus on optimizing productivity through development and implementation of new applications and technology, even minor interruptions in the operational uptime of their data systems can be catastrophic to the bottom line.

A recent report by the Uptime Institute notes that one-third of all reported system outages cost over $250,000 per incident, and several cost the impacted company over $1MM. With downtime adversely affecting business operations so significantly, it’s no surprise that businesses seeking data center solutions overwhelmingly select top performers. For a Tier IV data center trying to meet an industry standard of 99.995% uptime, that means that only 26 minutes and 17 seconds of annual downtime defines you as substandard. Whether it’s an environmental regulatory violation or a hazardous chemical release, ignoring or delaying environmental compliance only increases the likelihood of an unplanned outage.

Antea Group has helped data centers maintain EHS regulatory compliance for decades, providing support with hazardous materials storage (backup generators, water treatment), characterization of waste (universal, e-waste, and even hazardous waste), SPCC reporting, air permitting, spill response, and EPCRA reporting. Because compliance criteria changes depending on location, Antea Group maintains a database documenting all state/provincial, and local requirements. Below we have included examples of international regulations to demonstrate the complexities of EHS compliance in Data Centers.

We have consolidated and analyzed the information obtained from decades of audits and assessments of operational data centers. Through that analysis, we have identified the Top 5 most common environmental findings and developed a checklist to assist data centers with the identification of common environmental regulatory compliance requirements.

See the top 5 findings and download your copy of the checklist here.

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