World Environment Day 2020: Time for Nature

by Olivier Blum
Jun 5, 2020 4:00 PM ET

World Environment Day is held on June 5th every year as the United Nations’ principal vehicle for encouraging awareness and action for the preservation of our environment.

For the past seven years, Schneider Electric has celebrated this day in all countries where we operate; an annual milestone for us to recognize successes and identify new initiatives or focus areas. This year, managing through COVID-19, prioritization of environmental sustainability to mitigate and adapt to primary threats such as a pandemic or climate change resonates particularly strongly.

This year’s World Environment Day theme is biodiversity  — a call to action to combat the accelerating species loss and degradation of the natural world. At Schneider, we are integrating biodiversity into our established environmental strategy, leveraging our existing initiatives and commitments.

Our Circular Economy initiatives encompass our action plan for offering products, services, and solutions with minimal environmental harm:

  • Reducing the use of raw materials
  • Reusing or increasing, when possible, the share of recycled raw materials
  • Repairing by offering maintenance and modernization services for certain ranges of our products
  • Recycling via the services we offer in the end-of-life phase of products

Our climate commitments aim to minimize carbon emissions for our customers and our own company. For Schneider, this means:

  • The neutrality of our business-ecosystem by 2025
  • Net-zero carbon from our operations by 2030
  • Net-zero carbon of our end-to-end supply chain by 2050

We are a triple signatory of the initiatives of the Climate Group – EP100, RE100, EV100 committed by 2030 to:

  • Doubling energy productivity
  • Reaching 100% renewable energy
  • Operating a 100% electric vehicle fleet

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