PepsiCo Sponsors 363 New Recycling Bins in Washington DC

Thanks to a new partnership between PepsiCo and the DowntownDC Business Improvement District, consumers in Washington DC will have convenient access to public recycling bins, called Dream Machines, to deposit plastic bottles and aluminum cans.  Washington DC is the first U.S. city to partner with PepsiCo on the Dream Machine initiative.

Look For the Blue Bins
PepsiCo first introduced the Dream Machine recycling initiative in April 2010, and the partnership with Washington DC was announced in March 2011.  Although PepsiCo Dream Machine recycling bins and electronic kiosks are already present in select high-traffic locations in 20 states, this new partnership makes Washington DC the first to take on the Dream Machine as a city-wide project.

PepsiCo reports that 363 Dream Machine recycling bins will be placed in downtown Washington DC.  Installation will begin in March and should be complete by May 2011.  Dream Machine bins will be placed next to regular trash bins.  They are colored blue and labeled with the message, “This is not just a recycling bin.  It's a dream machine.”  Dream Machine bins will be maintained by Safety/Hospitality and Maintenance workers from the DowntownDC Business Improvement District.

Environmentalism and Beyond
PepsiCo's goal is to increase the recycling rate of beverage containers in the U.S. from the current 34% to 50% by 2018.  The Washington DC recycling bins could collect as much as one million pounds of recyclable aluminum and plastic per year, making a decent impact on recycling rates for the city as well as for the nation at large.

But PepsiCo's goals for the Dream Machine go beyond environmentalism.  For every 10 million pounds of bottles or cans deposited in the Dream Machine recycling bins, PepsiCo has vowed to contribute $250,000 to the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities (EVB).  The EVB provides free business management training to disabled military veterans.  In November 2010, PepsiCo made their first contribution of $500,000 to EVB.

One of PepsiCo's additional partners in the Dream Machine initiative, Greenopolis, has helped to place special Dream Machine electronic kiosks at concert venues and other high-traffic areas where consumers can deposit their recyclables and receive reward points for each bottle or can recycled.  These electronic kiosks resemble vending machines and track consumer's recycling habits by scanning key fobs and barcode labels.  The Dream Machine kiosks are the high-tech counterpart to the basic recycling bins scheduled to be installed in Washington DC.

Photo Credit:  nicoleleec