Supporting Sustainable Art Organizations through Travel

The travel industry has the power to influence thousands of travelers on any given subject. If the industry decides that chasing tigers while blind-folded is the traveling trend du jour, hundreds of willing patrons will be signing up for tiger adventures in no time. Since the industry has such a powerful influence in what is considered popular and worthy of support, why not use this power to highlight one of the many ways willing patrons can sustain our earth? Sustainable art has been gaining traction as many cities scramble to add character without adding to their growing budget deficits. A few notable organizations are spearheading the sustainable art movement. The following organizations should be added to every conscious traveler’s trip itinerary.

The Center for Sustainable Practice in the Arts is a prime example of not only what it takes to get the word out about sustainable art, but what it takes to empower others to produce sustainable art. The organization is a collaborative effort between two sustainable artists. CSPA, as it is commonly called, seeks to give other artists and organizations the tools they need to create and promote sustainable art work. There are other endeavors like CSPA, but the Center of Sustainable Practice in the Arts stands out above the rest because so much of its emphasis is on the community. A quick glance over of its upcoming events proves its allegiance to the community of art. Too often, progressive art movements are predisposed to be reserved for the upper echelons of the art world. CSPA exerts its energy on the artists that matter the most- local artists, community art events, and the youth. Add a CSPA- sponsored event to your travel itinerary. Visit the calendar page to find a sustainable art event catered to your in

The city of Los Angeles is known for its creative productions, and sustainable art is quickly becoming part of this creativity. This past June, the Los Angeles Sustainable Fine Art Fair showed some of the most innovative sustainable art creations for an entire weekend. Area art houses and individual artists brought their sustainably produced fine art artwork for the community to enjoy, and hopefully, purchase. To prove their adherence to sustainability, all energy needed for the affair was generated on site! Those who chose to travel to the art fair were treated with beautiful art work, as well as thought- provoking artwork. Many artists seized the opportunity to use their art work as a platform for environmental awareness. While the Los Angeles Sustainable Fine Art Fair was wildly popular, there are sustainable art fairs and houses throughout the country.

Promote organizations’ efforts to make sustainability beautiful by adding a sustainable art event to your travel plans.

Photo Credit: stevendepolo