Sustainable Seafood App Now Available For Android

If you have an Android smartphone, you now have access to a free app that can help save the world's oceans.  The Seafood Watch app, now available for Android, provides an easy-to-navigate guide for which fish species to avoid and which restaurants source their seafood from sustainable sources.

About the Sustainable Seafood Smartphone App
Seafood Watch's sustainable seafood application has previously been available for iPhone, but the Android version was launched in late March 2011.  The app may be downloaded onto Android smartphones that are version 1.6 or later (if you don't know your version, check your phone's settings).

Seafood Watch is a conservation project run by Monterey Bay Aquarium in California.  Seafood Watch publishes seafood lists sorted into the categories “Best Choices,” “Good Alternatives” and “Avoid” to helps consumers make smart choices with their seafood purchases.  Categorization is determined by the conservation status of each fish species, as well as the environmental impact of the fishing or farming techniques used to harvest them.  Factors such as mercury exposure are also considered.

By using the Seafood Watch app for Android, you will be able to access those seafood lists so you can make the environmentally-friendly choice when purchasing seafood at the grocery or ordering in a restaurant.  The lists will be updated whenever Seafood Watch adds new information.

But the best part of the Seafood Watch app for Android is the interactive Project Fishmap, a feature that uses GPS technology to find which restaurants in your area source their seafood from sustainable fisheries.  Project Fishmap allows users to add or update information about local restaurants, so if you know of a restaurant that serves sustainable seafood but is not included in Project Fishmap, you can add it to the list.  In addition to downloading the Android app, you will need to create a free account with Project Fishmap to contribute information.

Not The Only Seafood App, But The Best
The Seafood Watch app for Android is not the only one of its kind.  Other sustainable seafood resources for Android users include “The Green Seafood Guide,” which uses information from the Monterey Bay Aquarium (but is not officially sanctioned by the aquarium or the Seafood Watch program) and “Mercury in Seafood,” which informs consumers about seafood products containing high mercury levels that could be dangerous to health.  These sustainable seafood apps, and others, were created before the Seafood Watch app was available for Android.  The Seafood Watch app has been quite popular on the iPhone, and should see similar success on Android.

Photo Credit:  Augapfel