Sustainable Travel for that Perfect Christmas Tree

Earlier this month, we took a look at some sustainable travel possibilities for finding a sustainably produced Christmas tree. We’re almost half way through the month, but there’s still time to round up your family members to embark on a sustainable travel adventure to one of this country’s many sustainable Christmas tree farms. So for all those parents who haven’t had time to get out of the office long enough to get a Christmas tree, the following sustainable travel ideas will not only leave you with a sustainably produced Christmas tree, but it will also leave you with fond memories at a sustainable Christmas tree farm.

If you happen to live in the northwest, plan to take a jaunt to Yule Tree Farm. This farm has been in operation since the early 60’s, and its ability to survive for so long is a testament to its high business and environmental standards. Just 45 miles outside of Portland, Yule Tree Farms prides itself in provided world class Christmas tree selection while sustaining world class working standards. If you live in a home with lower ceilings, Yule Tree Farm has trees as small as two feet tall. Nine- foot trees are also available for those with high ceilings. This sustainable travel will prove to be worth it when your eyes gaze upon Oregon’s Noble Vintage. This tree is a noble fir that is harvested so beautifully, and it is the first Christmas tree to be ordained by a designer brand name.  With a staff around 400 during the Christmas season, you are sure to receive top- notch customer service upon arrival at the farm.

In addition to its seamless customer service and operation, Yule Tree Farms has been the recipient of several environmental awareness awards during the company’s bountiful lifetime.  The Oregon Department of Agriculture has awarded the company for its “Leadership in Conservation,” and the Oregon Water Resources Department has recognized the company for “Environmental Stewardship of the Land and water Quality.” Some would suggest that its incredibly difficult to run an operation as large and intricate as Yule Tree Farm in a sustainable fashion, but Yule Tree Farm proves that a large operation can be a green operation as well. Yule Tree Farm has been lauded for its impeccable operation and management, so if you’re unable to make it to the tree farm, you can still order the perfect sustainably produced tree.

The experience of sustainable travel to a tree farm to cut down the family’s Christmas tree is an enriching experience, and the fact that Yule Tree Farm trees are sustainably produced adds to the significance of the experience. Discuss the environmental advantages with your kids as you walk the rows of Christmas trees. Encourage your family members to inquire about the farm’s sustainable features. A trip to Yule Tree Farms will be beneficial and education for everyone.

Photo Credit: devilelephant