Sustainable Travel with Aurora

The feet of snow needing to be shoveled may be at the forefront of most our minds this time of the year, but sustainable travel should come in at a close second. The idea of sustainable travel to exotic cooking classes or gorgeous wineries may seem more appropriate for this time of the year, but the cruise line industry should also be taken into consideration. The demand for sustainable travel options have increased dramatically for the past couple of years, bringing sustainability to every facet of the travel industry, including cruises. While cruise destinations generally set the standards for environmental conscientiousness, cruise liners are beginning to create higher environmental standards for themselves as well. Aurora Expeditions is one of the many cruise liners setting out to provide an exciting and sustainable experience for its guests.

Aurora Expeditions is a cruise liner out of Australia that offers just as much for its customers as it does for preserving the environment, making a cruise on this cruise liner the perfect sustainable travel option. The cruise liner sails to Antarctica, East Antarctica, High Arctic, Kimberley Coast, Papua New Guinea, and the Russian Coast. Each exotic location has its set of special features and expeditions. Aurora Expeditions makes sure to create trip itineraries that embrace each location’s diverse environmental structure, which usually prevents excessive use or damage of the environment. East Antarctica is a breeding ground for a number of different whale species, so tourists are encouraged to participate in awe-inspiring whale watching. The Kimberley expedition begins with saltwater crocodile glides and a breathtaking glance at the Horizontal Waterfall. Aurora Expeditions also offers a number of Special Interest activities throughout the year. One of their featured Special Interest trips focuses on photography in the wild. Be sure to browse through their Special Interest trips to see if one of your favorite hobbies happens to be incorporated in one of Aurora Expeditions fabulous trip itineraries. These fun adventures are just a tip of the iceberg of what Aurora Expeditions has to offer without compromising the condition of surrounding nature.

Expeditions that include photographing Arctic birds are wonderful, but how can the sustainable traveler really know that Aurora Expeditions cares about the environment as much as they do? Aurora Expeditions not only talks the talk, but they walk the walk as well. Not only was Aurora Expeditions the first Australian cruise liner to become a member of the environmental organization IAATO, International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators, but Aurora Expeditions is also a member of AECO. Both organizations have strict requirements for retaining membership, and Aurora Expeditions continues to prove its eligibility year after year.

Consider sustainable travel with Aurora Expeditions. Not only will you be in for the adventure of a lifetime, but you’ll also continue to your part to preserve the environment.

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