Use Sustainable Travel to Support Sustainable Gestures

Sustainable travel can be used to support a number of business organizations striving to make sustainable living the new standard of living. Whether sustainable travel is achieved by taking a sustainable cooking class or by participating in a sustainable winery tour, sustainable travel has the unique ability to show the business market where monetary growth is occurring. A message of monetary growth is just what one sustainable state needs.

The city of Salem is the capitol of the state of Oregon. With over 160,000 residents, this city is small enough to feel comfy and large enough to have a tremendous impact on profit trends for the northwest region.  The state of Oregon has motioned to ban the complimentary use of grocery bags, statewide, beginning in November 2011. Since Salem is the capitol of Oregon, much of the legislative support and opposition has occurred in this judicial epicenter.  Those opposed to the motion have stated several hackneyed reasons why charging for recycled paper bags seems to violate every personal freedom known to man, but the benefit of such a rule is clear. The proposed ban on the lawless use of checkout bags will require a $0.05 charge for each recycled paper checkout bag used.  The amount of money collected by the inevitable profit gained by those who prefer recycled paper bags will help grocery stores recover the cost of said recycled paper bags. Spendthrifts will soon realize how much these recycled paper bags add up, eventually making the conscious decision to grab a reusable cloth bag instead. The consumer will save money, as well as the supplier.

A Texas city made the same motion a few months ago. Brownsville put a law into affect that charges patrons $1 for insisting on using plastic bags. Customers of convenient stores as well as grocery stores are charged. Similarly to Oregon, the money collected for those blindly loyal to plastic bags will go towards community improvement projects, such as adding benches to area parks. While the strategic allocation of funds is admirable, sustainable travelers can do their part by simply patronizing places such as Brownsville and Oregon, to send a message that we care about sustainable living in the only language our economy understands- money. Why not pack up the kids and head out to some of the sustainable establishments located in Oregon. Every Wednesday between the warmer months of May and October, local farmers bringer their freshest produce and products to be sold just northeast of downtown Salem. These aren’t just any farmers. The majority of the farmers who participate in the Farmers’ Market are sustainable farmers themselves, practicing sustainable farming techniques that are just as gracious to the land as the land is to us.  In addition to the freshest produce in the region, Farmers’ Market patrons are treated to delicious baked goods, pre-packaged healthy foods, cut flowers, and more.

Support those who are conscious enough to make bans such as Brownsville and the State of Oregon. Enjoy some great food while you’re at it!

Photo Credit: OctopusHat