Welcome to the New Justmeans!

<p>You've probably noticed that things are a little different on JustMeans today. The site is looking fresh and shiny. Yes, we've tweaked our appearance, but the changes to JustMeans are more than skin deep.<br /> <br /> <img src="http://media.tumblr.com/s4917gtVjejq5pvo5BWYuoxCo1_400.png" alt="" width="250" height="198" align="right" />Take a look at the homepage, and you'll notice that the familiar modules for Company Reports, Network Updates, and the like are now located to the right-hand side of the page. The focus of our new homepage is you. As users leave comments on company reports, articles, or videos, their comment, with a link to the item and other comments, appears at the top of the homepage. The homepage is automatically updated when new items are posted, and when new comments are left on any item. <br /> <br /> This change spotlights your comments, as well as the items you comment on. Not only does the new design help your voice be heard by the community of stakeholders and companies, it also highlights the items that other users are most interested in.<br /> <br /> Our hope is that the new homepage will encourage members of the JustMeans community to get involved in conversation. This change will bring companies and stakeholders closer together, with a focus and creating a productive dialogue.<br /> <br /> In conclusion, we encourage you to explore the new site. Go forth and comment! Make your voice heard! Engage companies and your fellow stakeholders! We'll see you on the front page.</p>