Wineries Make Sustainable Travel Sweeter

Sustainable travel enthusiasts loved the notion of sustainable travel to a sustainable brewery, so the idea of visiting a sustainable winery should be just as welcomed. The concept and production of wine is sustainable by nature. Rarely do other products gain value by leaving them alone, or by avoiding the addition of harmful chemicals. Regardless, the temptation to increase production of these fine wines increases the amount of hazardous farming practices while decreasing respect for the environment. While considering your next sustainable travel adventure, consider checking out a vineyard that prioritizes sustainability as much as you do.

Our voyage for top- notch vineyards naturally takes us to California. This state is just as well- known for its world- class vineyards as it is for its earthquakes and celebrities. One organization chooses to showcase vineyards that go a step further by insisting on sustainable farming practices for its vineyard. Sustainable Vine Wine Tours of Santa Barbara brings the world of sustainable vineyards to sustainable travelers from all over the world. This organization strives to educate and encourage visitors about sustainable vineyard practices. Sustainable Vine Wine Tours organizes guided tours through some of Santa Barbara’s serene vineyards, highlighting sustainable farming practices while still providing a fun and flavorful experience. Visitors are encouraged to partake in several wine tastings throughout the tour, allowing visitors to experience a taste of sustainably- produced wine.  While visiting the Santa Ynez Wineries & Vineyards, tourists will be educated about organic and conventional farming practices. By the end of the mini- tutorials, sustainable travelers should be able to taste the distinct difference between conventional grapes and organic grapes. Visitors will also realize the importance of sustainable farming practices as it relates to the surround ecosystem.

As one might imagine, this is quite a lot of exploration to get done. The Sustainable Vine Wine Tours is an all- inclusive day tour, which means you won’t have to rely on wine tastings for sustenance! In addition to the three locations for wine tastings, visitors can choose from an elaborate menu of delicious lunch choices, including blackened salmon or an “Avocado Delight” sandwich that is sure to delight. Non- private tour groups need to have a minimum of four participants. Sustainable travelers will enjoy their lunch in the picturesque hills of Santa Barbara wine country. Picnics with that sort of scenic backdrop are not commonplace, so seize the opportunity to enjoy yourself while being educated about sustainable practices at wineries.

The price for this well- organized sustainable winery tour is $125. This price includes the cost of all wine tastings and lunch, with the rest of the proceeds going to support their sustainable farming practices. Sustainable Vine Wine Tours of Santa Barbara is also a proud member of 1% for the Planet, meaning they donate 1% of their earnings to the self- titled organization that strives to implement sustainable practices around the world. Participating in this tour will not only help you understand sustainable wine production, but it will also help the rest of the world embrace sustainable living.

Photo Credit: Yashima