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Alkermes Commits to Being #BipolarBrave on World Bipolar Day

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Today we observe World Bipolar Day to help lift the ~2.8% of American adults living with #bipolar disorder & coping with extreme highs & lows in mood & energy. Let’s work together to be #BipolarBrave & to shift the culture by speaking more openly about mental health.

Alkermes & MD Edge Psych Podcast Discuss Living With Schizophrenia

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Dr. Rakesh Jain and Dr. Andrew Cutler guest hosted the Alkermes-sponsored MDEdge Psychiatry podcast to discuss the management of comorbidities & behavioral risk factors that may be present in people living with schizophrenia. Listen to the full recording here: https://bit.ly/3lkdoOF

Four Viruses, One Swab, One Report

Abbott’s assay received FDA EUA to detect COVID-19, flu A and B, and RSV with one swab, easing the testing process.

Waking up with a runny nose wouldn't be cause for alarm in "normal times." However, that's all changed thanks to COVID-19. Now the slightest runny nose or cough can cause alarm. Is it COVID-19? Is it just a cold? The flu? Amid this pandemic, distinguishing one respiratory illness from another has never been so important.

How We're Tracking COVID-19 Variants

Our scientists have analyzed viruses for decades. Now, their work is in the spotlight as COVID-19 variants emerge.

Viruses mutate. They’re tenacious. We know this. It's why our monitoring remains vigilant.

Now, as COVID-19 variants emerge across the globe, Abbott scientists — Virus Hunters to us — are helping the global effort to track known variants and identify new ones.

We asked Mary Rodgers, Ph.D., principal scientist and head of Abbott’s Global Viral Surveillance Program, to walk us through how this crucial work is done.

Hundreds of Built Environment Experts Applaud WHO's Release of Roadmap Document on Better Indoor Ventilation to Fight COVID-19

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NEW YORK, March 19, 2021, /3BL Media/ - In August 2020, 680 built environment professionals from 51 countries petitioned the World Health Organization (WHO) to adopt and advance indoor environment best practices proven to help protect building occupants worldwide from the spread of COVID-19. On March 1, 2021, WHO did just that, issuing its  Roadmap to improve and ensure good indoor ventilation in the context of COVID-19.

International Medical Corps and FedEx Team-Up to Support COVID-19 Vaccination Efforts in California

Guest blog courtesy of Jo-Ann Santos Alarcon, Resource Development Officer, Special Projects at International Medical Corps

International Medical Corps launched its COVID-19 vaccination activities in Los Angeles during the first week of March at Martin Luther King Jr. Community Hospital (MLKCH) and Kedren Community Health Center (KCHC). Thanks to generous support from FedEx, International Medical Corps deployed emergency medical field units to both health facilities to increase their capacity to efficiently and effectively administer COVID-19 vaccinations to residents of South Los Angeles—one of the most vulnerable populations in the LA County.

Alkermes Employee Strives to Make a Difference in Cancer Patients' Lives

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Meet Blake Finchen —an Alkermes employee driven by the memory of her father to make a meaningful difference in the lives of people living with cancer. 

Alkermes: How Substance Use Disorder Changes the Brain

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Substance Use Disorder is associated with changes in the brain that can occur with repeated use of alcohol or drugs. Learn more about this condition here: https://bit.ly/2OlyWxY.

Alkermes Celebrates Brain Awareness Week

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It's Brain Awareness Week! Raising awareness & advocating for research funding is crucial to improving the lives of people with schizophrenia & bipolar disorder. Each year, we work to understand the effects these diseases have on the brain and help people living with these conditions.

New York and IBM Begin COVID-19 Digital Health Pass Pilot

By Steve LaFleche, General Manager, IBM Public and Federal Market

For the last several months, the preeminent puzzle for humanity has been figuring out how to emerge from the pandemic and responsibly return to a new version of business-as-usual. Absent any single quick fix, people around the world have relied on ingenuity and innovation to light a path forward.


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