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How Hershey Stays Agile Through Change


The pandemic has completely transformed the marketplace. To sustain our business today and thrive in the future, we’re using innovation to adapt to a new reality.

Using Technology to Rapidly Respond to Evolving Consumer Tastes

The Promise of RNA-Based Therapies


Decades of scientific progress in understanding the root cause of many formerly intractable diseases has opened up new treatment options, namely through RNA-based therapies. This second wave of biopharma, in which our understanding of the ways coding portions of our genome relate to disease, allows us to intercede earlier, and at more specific and effective junctures.

Lenovo Tech World 2022: Sustainable Solutions With Formula 1®

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Rethink. Reimagine. Redefine our Digital World

Join Luca Rossi and Shivvy Jervis as they explore the evolution of physical and virtual collaboration across users, spaces, and devices. You'll hear how new and emerging innovations will redefine the way we work, learn, and engage. Along the way, guest testimonials will show how smarter technology is enabling enterprises and people everywhere. Come along on this dynamic journey and see how smarter innovations bring to life new user experiences and change our world for the better.

RESOLVE and Insight Terra Announce a Strategic Partnership To Launch an AI-Enabled Solution to Monitoring Tailings From Active and Abandoned Mines

Tech Innovators Respond to Call by Investors, Mining Leaders, and Communities for Tailings Safety
Press Release

November 7, 2022 /3BL Media/ - RESOLVE, a Washington, DC based international non-governmental organization (NGO) known for its innovative solutions to environmental and health challenges and Insight Terra, a London based start-up providing an environmental and infrastructure risk management platform and solutions, have formed a strategic partnership to deliver an end-to-end environmental and social risk management solution for the mining industry.

Chief Executives for Corporate Purpose, Tata Consultancy Services, and PYXERA Global: Building Food Security

Press Release

October 28, 2022 /3BL Media/ - Food insecurity – a complex, multi-faceted issue – threatens over 2 billion people around the world. Digital tools and technology, when deployed intentionally and strategically, can support a range of personalized services for farmers such as agro advisory, best practices, alerts, weather forecasts, and supply chain management to farmers on their mobile phones.

How an Energy Company Leveraged Tech Partnerships To Deliver Digital Services to Millions of Customers


When the COVID-19 pandemic forced Argentinian energy company Ecogas to suspend in-person services for its 1.4 million natural gas customers spread across a distribution network of almost 30,000 kilometers, the company had to act fast to prepare for a surge in demand for its digital channels.

Benefits of Membrane Filtration Systems for Ambient WFI Production


The shift to membrane-based WFI production can significantly reduce utility use, shrink facility footprint requirements, and help meet corporate sustainability goals.

Water for injection (WFI) is typically the highest quality, low-bioburden bulk water used in the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients, parenteral drug substances and drug products. As defined by the FDA and the EMA, WFI bioburden levels are orders of magnitude lower than purified water.

Carnival Corporation Expands Installation of Innovative Air Lubrication Systems

Press Release

World's largest cruise company to install air lubrication technology on at least 20% of the ships in its fleet to reduce hull drag, fuel consumption and carbon emissions

On top of four systems already in operation, company currently adding air lubrication on five ships, with plans to install the technology on at least 10 more ships across a majority of its brands through 2027

Medtronic Podcast: Why We Need To Stop Ignoring the Equivalent of 747s Crashing Daily and Expand Lung Cancer Screening

A podcast with Emily Elswick, VP/GM Lung Health & Visualization and Dr. William Mayfield, MD, WellStar Health System Medical Director
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This episode shines a light on lung cancer, a deadly killer that isn’t getting the attention it deserves. Dr. William Mayfield, WellStar Health System medical director, and former chief surgical officer says lung cancer kills thousands of people every day – more than most other cancers combined – but isn’t screened for as aggressively.

IGB Gene Drive Aims To Broaden Science Accessibility


By: Ananya Sen

Advances in genomic studies have now permeated all aspects of our lives from agriculture to health and wellness. It is therefore becoming increasingly important to help the community understand these innovations so that they can navigate the increasingly complex realm of genomics. To this end, the outreach team at the Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology is planning to construct, staff, and operate a mobile STEM lab.


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