Pink Tomatoes & Petite Peppers: Innovating for Taste and Nutrition

Episode 6: Nutrition changes constantly. It is as dynamic as life itself. And as our understanding of health and nutrition evolves, so does our food.
Mar 16, 2021 9:30 AM ET

What did you last eat? And why? Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone. After all, it’s not entirely up to you.

The food that ends up on our plate is the result of global trade dynamics, cultural norms, seasonality, marketing, thousands of years of plant breeding, and personal tastes. And it’s all constantly changing. In this episode, we discover how nutrition evolves over time, and how crop science keeps up.

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Nutrition: An Evolving Menu

If you have children, or if you remember when you were one, you know that tastes change. A child’s favorite foods are sacred, until they aren’t. And if the wrong food is even remotely close to their plate, dinner can be ruined — until they taste it. Diversity in a diet is essential, and trying new things evolves our understanding.

That’s not just true for children. As we look at tables around the world, one thing is clear—we’ve all been trying new things.

Diets are changing, and not all for the better. While access to healthy produce and quality protein is expanding, in some cases people are eating too many calories while still not being nourished. In a world driven by tastes and trends, how do we achieve that elusive healthy balance? 

Scientists, plant breeders, policy-makers and farmers are helping people reconcile what they want to eat with what they should eat by reimagining the flavors we know (and crave).

To address the most pressing nutritional demands around the world, we’ll have to keep embracing change. And keep improving our food system for the health of both our planet and its people.