Weekly Highlights February 14,2013

Feb 20, 2013 3:45 PM ET

Top Story of the Week

Navigating the Sustainability Landscape in a Constant Game of Chase    
(Thursday - February 07, 2013)
Source: CSR Wire - It's truly staggering how few companies new to the sustainability agenda understand the landscape in which they must operate. At best, they might be aware of the pesky 'NGO movement.' But the lens through which they believe their...

ESG issues are key this year      
(Monday - February 11, 2013)
Source: FT Adviser - We recently conducted a survey of fund managers to canvass their views and opinions on environmental, social and governance issues because these factors are playing an increasingly prominent and integral role in our multi-manager...


Why companies need partnerships to reach sustainability potential      
(Wednesday - February 13, 2013)
Source: - In two previous posts, I described how companies can make both incremental and transformative changes that drive a virtuous cycle of innovation, sustainability and profit. These changes are backed by rigorous research: At the...

The Three Ecological Principles of Economic Sustainability
(Tuesday - February 12, 2013)
Source: CSRWire - A healthy, productive natural ecosystem is essential for economic sustainability. The sustainability of an economy is ultimately dependent on the ability of natural ecosystems to capture and store sufficient quantities of solar...

The New Sustainable Energy Factbook: A Strong Case for Consistent Policy      
(Monday - February 11, 2013)
Source: - Easy to read, reliable and current data can be hard to come by. The new Sustainable Energy in America 2013 Factbook produced by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF), and commissioned by the Business Council on Sustainable Energy...

Waking up to sustainability karma      
(Monday - February 11, 2013)
Source: Thomson Reuters - Management consultants often urge their clients to view setbacks or difficulties as opportunities. The cost of reducing environmental impacts are often cited as one such "opportunity". But a global study from consultancy BCG and...

Ikea: Sustainability and Profitability Two Ends of the Same Stick      
(Friday - February 08, 2013)
Source: Forbes - Is Ikea's newly minted sustainability strategy working? It carries the name People & Planet Positive; the retailer's stated business mission is "to create a better everyday life for the many people." The 2012 report is the first...


Deloitte: Environmental, Social, Governance Performance Affects Organization's Market Value     
(Wednesday - February 13, 2013)
Source: International Business Times - The report highlights that short-term ESG issues and events, including human rights issues, product recalls, boycotts and protests often trigger the strongest and most immediate impact on stock prices. As the news media continues...

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