Big Business Gets It: Mission + Model = Profits.

Two million children die worldwide before the age of five from infectious diseases like pneumonia or diarrhea. Research shows that many of these deaths could be prevented by hand washing with soap. Here's where Unilever steps up, according to a new Forbes post by Samir Singh, Global Brand VP for Personal Care. Under the umbrella of Unilever's Sustainable Living Plan, which has reached 117 million people across the developing world, the company is targeting the Indian village of Thesgora, which has one of the highest rates of diarrhea in that country, with support for healthy hand washing habits. Does this sound like an opportunity to sell a lot of Lifebuoy soap, a germ-protection brand? Of course, says Singh. He argues that integrating a worthy social mission with market development and business growth is the best way to produce beneficial results, both socially and economically. It's the latest example of integrating CSR into a bottom line strategy to do business, better. Source:

John Howell, 3BL Media/Justmeans Editorial Director