Earth Day 2010 - A World of Green Opportunity

Finding a World of Green Business Opportunities in Our Environmental Challenges
Apr 19, 2010 12:35 PM ET

Earth Day 2010 is a time to remember the environmental challenges facing us, but it is also a time to see these challenges as opportunities for businesses to provide solutions.  The bitter discord about environmental and economic problems we face often misses the point.  All of these problems are massive opportunities for us to live better lives, help the planet, and build a strong economy.  We don't have to choose to have either a healthy environment or a strong economy -  we can have both.  While many say that steps to solve environmental challenges are too costly, solving these problems is a great opportunity for businesses to thrive by providing cleaner energy, greener buildings, efficient transportation, and less wasteful ways of living.  The fate of the environment is our own fate.  I hope that Earth Day 2050 finds that we have opted for a better world in all respects. 

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