How To Become A Green Consultant

Apr 22, 2010 12:05 PM ET
Press Release

(3BLMedia/theCSRfeed) April 22, 2010 - This is an exciting time in history.  Regardless of the economy, the Green juggernaut is unstoppable and growing.  In fact, we are still in the earliest stage of the Green movement, and those who are Green trained are in increasing demand.  The reason is that everyone is now convinced of the value of environmental issues and willing to participate in Going Green.  The problem is that most people and businesses are suffering from both promotional overload and an informational scarcity. The Green Business League is hoping to stop that by giving educational training courses, which are live and online, and a nationally recognized Green Consultant certification.

We are more in need of green consultants than ever before. People are increasingly more aware of their natural environment and the dangers of global warming. People now, more than ever, are ready and willing to change their lifestyles to help curb greenhouse gas emissions, to cut down on non-recyclable trash, to adopt a greener lifestyle. A lot of these people do not know how to go about making the necessary changes. They often hire green consultants to save them the time and resources they would otherwise have to invest in learning about how to make the necessary changes.  This is why a Certified Green Consultant is necessary for any type of business.

The world around us is rapidly changing and so is today’s job market. As organizations are compelled to go green, the need for professionals who have the education and credentials to provide information, training and guidance on corporate Greening increases. In response to this new demand, the Green Business League has developed a Government Grant to help pay for individuals to start a new career as a Certified Green Consultant.

The Green Consultant™ Certification is a complete training program that enables you to confidently enter a variety of industries at the forefront of the green movement, or allow you to branch out on your own as a savvy green business owner.

In the Green Consultant™ Training Program, you will be trained to evaluate and certify Green Buildings. Unlike other programs focuses primarily on how to get a project certified, you will learn how to create and sustain a complete green corporate environment. The Certified Green Consultant focuses on people and the improvement of practices in the daily operation of homes, schools, medical facilities, and all organizations.

This program is for those who have an entrepreneur spirit, like helping others move to a Green status, and enjoy making a difference in this world.  If you are interested, sign up now for the Government Grant.  If you receive the grant it will pay for half of the payment to be trained and certified as a Certified Green Consultant.  Having a Government Grant backing the Green Business League up adds credibility to our services. 

In the belief that the vast majority of people are well-meaning but ill-informed about how to Go Green, there is a urgent and growing need for professional Green consultants to work with homes, schools, businesses, and organizations.  This is both the duty and calling of a Certified Green Consultant, and the world needs people committed to making a difference in the world, but willing to start in their community.